10 Best Golf Rangefinder for the Money in 2021 [Top Review]

Golf rangefinder helps golfers to measure the distance accurately while playing the golf game. If you look to buy the golf rangefinder that comes for your budget and as well as with some specific requirements, then this guide is really for you people. Yes, this buying guide about best gold rangefinder for the money helps you to find the best option for you.

We have looked a lot of gold rangefinders through the internet and referred the reviews and specifications of rangefinders and below going to give you the top most golf rangefinders with positive and negative points of the device. So, it is easy for you to take a right decision on which one is right for you.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

This is one of best golf rangefinders that comes for the money and provides the fast and as well as accurate measurements. By using this rangefinder, you can measure from 6 to 550 yards. In addition to that, this laser rangefinder easily fits on the bag with the compact and lightweight design. So, it is very easy to carry this laser rangefinder along with you.


Apart from that, it features 8 seconds of continuous scanning and also targets priority settings. Some of the positive things of this rangefinder are as follows:

  • This is weatherproof, so you can use in any weather condition
  • This easily fits in your pocket
  • It comes with protective case
  • You can operate it with a hand

But, it needs a steady hand for the accurate readings.

Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

This is a single hand golf rangefinder and you can measure the distance from 10 to 1000 yards in the fielding. And, this is the legal device for tournament golf game and made with features such as included jolt function, pin seeker function, and available in a compact design. Some of the positive things of this rangefinder are:


  • This is made with ergonomic design
  • It comes with long lasting 3V battery
  • It measures accurately
  • It is packed with a battery case
  • You can read measurements in yards or meters

But, the function of pin seeker function is accurate only for 200 yards.

VPRO500 Rangefinder

This golf rangefinder offers accuracy, versatility, and as well as efficiency to measure distance in yards. And, it offers accurate results for up to 50 yards and also made with modern and as well as solid materials. In addition to that, it features a lot such as trio modes, high-tech optics, auto-target acquisition tech more. Below are some of the positive things of this rangefinder.


  • This is lightweight and as well as compact designs too
  • This is perfect design for flag pinpoint precision
  • This is made with water and dust resistant
  • It has single button for adjustable control

But, this rangefinder is not a 100% resistant for water, so you can’t able to use at any condition of the climate.

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