Golf RangeFinder – Buyer’s Guide

Are you an amateur golfer or a full-time golfer? Do you want to improve your game? If like so, then you need to have golf rangefinder because that helps you to improve your golf game by finding the right location. In addition to that, this device also guides you to improve your swing and tips that you need to win the game. And, all the information that you can get from this device aids you highly.

On the other hand, the golf rangefinders made a lot of impacts on the game and as well as results in a lot of developments. Additionally, this device leads to introduce various types of golf rangefinders too. Therefore, it is very important to have the best good golf rangefinders with you.

When you look golf rangefinders, you will get plenty of options in these days market. So, it should be a confusing task for you to choose the best golf rangefinder. In order to find the best device, you need to consider a few things. But, you don’t worry; this golf rangefinders buyer’s guide helps you to find the best device.


Type of golf rangefinder:

When it comes to a type of golf rangefinder, laser golf rangefinder is the best option for you. This is the most useful device that finds the perfect location and also improves the swing. Thus, juts look the following things while paying for the laser golf rangefinder.


The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is accuracy and the laser rangefinder should be accurate for a couple of yards. If the laser device is not accurate, then it should be a defective device and you need to look for another one.

Minimum and maximum distance range:

Knowing the minimum and maximum distance that a laser golf rangefinder device can measure is very important and it also ensures benefits of the device for users. In this case, most of the device can measure more than 400 yards minimum-and-maximum-distance-rangeand even more than 900 meters too. So, look how much you need and check it on the device.

Size and weight:

If you’re a professional golfer, then you should practice golf for the entire day. At such a case, you need to look size and weight of the device, because a heavy weight and large sized device make you feel tried for a few shots. At the same time, it is difficult to carry along with you and for transportation too. Thus, the laser rangefinder should be lightweight and small in size.

Ease of use:

An experienced and as well as professional golfer should know to choose the device that is easy to use. At the same time, they know how to use any kind of golf devices. But, this is not in the case for amateur or newbies. This is because some kind of device is complicated to learn and as well as hard to use. So, all should prefer the device that is easy to use.

Approved by USGA:

You know, the laser golf rangefinder should be approved by USGA. When you use this device on tours, it is crucial to check whether a device is approved by USGA or not. But, you no need to check this factor, if you’re using only on weekends with your friends.


approved-by-usgaEach brand of laser golf rangefinder should vary from others in terms of features offered by the device. So, when you look for the golf rangefinder, you should consider the features offered by the device and that should worth for the money. But, you don’t miss to consider some important features such as technology used, ESP and as well as Vivid display.

Scan mode:

Nowadays, most of the laser rangefinder device is designed with a scanning mode. This scanning mode helps players to find the target by scanning the specified range. If you hold the scan mode button for few seconds, then this feature scans the target range and gives you the right one. And, it is also very easy to use the scan mode and turn on and off.


The last but most crucial thing for purchasing golf rangefinder device is the budget. One and all should consider the cost of the device on choosing the device, you too right!! As I said before, there are so many options available in various brands, so you can surely buy the device within your budget. However, if you want to buy a quality device, then you may need to pay some extra money.

After reading this section, you should clear with the things that you need to look while buying golf rangefinder device, so check all those factors to ensure the best buy.

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