Golf Rangefinder Watch – Buying Guide

A Golf Rangefinder Watch is a kind of tool that helps people to enhance their fitness training but this is not like as activity tracker that made to monitor each and every moment. The Golf Rangefinder Watch performs completely different and communicates with the world without based on the activities. In order to communicate with the world, the Golf Rangefinder Watch connects with satellites and finds your location. In addition to that, it follows you in walking, biking, hiking, and all your movements in working out.

With the technology used in the GPS watches, it accurately tracks the time, distance, speed, pace, calories and altitude. Apart from that, it is also equipped with various features and training aids. There are so many options available to choose Golf Rangefinder Watch in the today’s market, so choosing the best GPS watch is a somewhat complex task only. But, you don’t worry; this Golf Rangefinder Watch buying guide helps you to ensure the best buy.

When you look GPS watches, you will get various options from $100 to $400. But, this is not meaning that expensive watch only made with quality and also features a lot. Additionally, the expensive GPA watch also may not meet your heart-rate-monitorneeds. Therefore, before paying for the Golf Rangefinder Watch, you need to consider some factors. Here are the factors that you need to check on GPS watches.

Heart rate monitor:

Enhancement in the GPS watches results in heart rate monitor and some of the GPS watches includes this feature. This is a built-in feature and offers more convenience to use and data too. But, a watch with built-in heart rate monitor requires extra money than another ordinary device.

If you’re excited to use Golf Rangefinder Watch with heart rate monitor, then consider buying Fitbit surge and Tomtom runner cardio.


You know, the battery life of Golf Rangefinder Watch varies from one watch to others. For example, the battery life of some watches is 5 hours and some may work even for more than 50 hours. At the same time, the screen size of the GPS watch also varies from small to big. But, a watch with smaller screen makes the device a lighter one, whereas the larger screen sized watch displays a lot of information. So, you have to take a right decision on hardware that is, battery life, screen size, and data to read.

Built-in sensors:

built-in-sensorsSome of the GPS watches include built-in sensors such as barometric altimeter and thermometer. These built-in sensors measure accurately and as well as measures changes. In order to measure, it uses barometric pressure and also works based on the conjunction.

If you love to do running, cycling, or hiking, then the GPS watch with built-in sensors measures how much you’re moving in your each workout.

Water resistance:

Another important factor that you need to consider is water resistance because it provides protection for your watch during your activities. And, the water resistance not only helps you in protection but also tracks your swimming activities too. But, only few GPS watches have this features, so you need to ensure this factor if you’re a swimmer. If you no need for water resistance, then at least check for splash-proof.

Training alerts and tools:

With the data that tracked your movements, the Golf Rangefinder Watch performs various functions. You know, the GPS watch is programmed to alert the users to various conditions. The built-in program in the GPA watches automatically track the mile and alert you with a beep single for each mile.

Apart from that, the GPS watches also programmed with vibration alert, training alerts, alert for interval training training-alerts-and-toolsand like more.

Music player:

Nowadays, people would like to enjoy their workouts by hearing songs, so GPS watches also includes music player to enjoy the fitness training. So, you no need to do your workout routines with GPS watch and separate music player.


As I said before, GPS watches are available from $100 to more than $400. So, at first, you need to fix the budget for purchasing GPS watches, because based on the money, you get features. For example, if you look GPS watch between $100 and $150, then you will get information of time, distance, speed, calories and it doesn’t include heart rate monitor.

The GPS watch from $150 to $250 offers some extra features such as heart rate monitor, measuring bike speed, includes cadence sensors, and as well as programmed with interval workouts. If you want to enjoy your workouts with added features and long-lasting battery life, then look watches for more than $250.

These are the factors that you need to look to buy the best GPS watch for your regular use.

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